About Us

To deliver quality academic books for the absolute transformation of our children to fit into contemporary times, having and manifesting good character, exceptional mannerisms, worthy of societal commendation, upholding societal values and excelling triumphantly in all academic works and pursuits.


To continually be the best in originality, conceptualization, writing and publishing of academic books for young people at all times, equipping the children with the needed academic prowess and hence developing them to become sound intellectual persons.

We provide and market educational books mainly for young people who are within the ages of 3 – 25 years old. Basically, we write and publish unique and amazing academic books that are wholly syllabus driven, perfectly and absolutely in line with the government approved curriculum. Our style of writing is second to non as it is widely adjudged by our ever increasing clients to be the most effective, capable of positive transformation of our children to the level that is most desirable, giving them an amazing intelligent quotient and a much more befitting status in communication skill, reasoning, interaction among their peers and adults. It is also important to note that every sentence, punctuation mark that we write is written with painstaking precision and passion garnished with exceptional style to aid our children comprehend easily, bringing about their total development. More so, we write with fluidity of language and picturesque diction suitable for children. All these culminate in the production of a very sound child in all ramification. Thanks for your anticipated reception and adoption of our unique and amazing books, as we do hope to do business with you.

A.J. Adams


Macadams Publishers Limited.