Career Development

Macadams Publisher Ltd HR policies offer everyone the opportunity to grow their careers in line with their skill sets and ambitions. With training programmes and transfers between departments and even geographic relocation’s, your professional development is supported wholeheartedly and will always reflect the choices you make. We are committed to cultivating a diverse work environment, young individuals who defy the status quo with new ideas and innovation.

Who is a Macadams Publisher Person? Macadams Publisher Person is an employee who:

Shares the same mission with the company
Is a bold person who loves challenges
Is able to solve problems at lightning speed
Possesses excellent creative and analytical skills.
Is imbued with a conducive team spirit
Is zealous to work well with little or no supervision.
Has a good attitude
Is self-motivated and result oriented
We search for and employ fresh and innovative individuals whose qualities align with the company’s core values of excellence. If you think you fit the profile, please contact us directly at

As one of the world’s largest Publishing Company, Macadams Publisher Limited offers endless career opportunities. Join us for our next portfolio as;

  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Executive
  • Part Time Sales Executive
  • Accountants
  • Factory Worker
  • Manager
  • Supervisor

Applications are to be sent via mail to indicating the position applied for, attached with curriculum vitae, passport photograph, & application letter. 


With a view to helping create a welcoming atmosphere and providing the guidance necessary for new staff to acclimate to life at Macadams Publisher Ltd, our orientation programme aims to get new hires up to speed quickly on what is expected of them and educates them about the values, history and hierarchy of the organization.

Learning School
New Recruits will usually resume into the orientation programme where they are formally welcomed into the Macadams Publisher Family and the cultures and values of the Company gradually imparted into them in a warm and cordial environment before they go off to their various departments and branches. The programme provides a smooth transition for recruits as it removes alienation.

The Courses
All the aspects of the company are taught to the new employees with great emphasis on the rules and regulations guiding the banking sector and the need for self-development amongst the staff.

Recruitment Requirements/Procedures

Prospective candidates who wish to seek employment in the Company must fulfill the following criteria: Must have successfully completed their first degree in a reputable higher institution within or outside Nigeria, must have completed their NYSC programmes or have exemption certificates, must be a Nigerian or have the necessary work permits, if not a Nigerian citizen.

To become a member of Macadams Publisher Ltd Family, a potential employee will have to go through the following procedures: Submit their resumes online, must have completed their NYSC programmes or have exemption certificates and attend two or more interviews. Only those who were successful at all levels of our recruitment process will qualify for employment, provided there are suitable openings. We offer vacancy for Industrial training and other student jobs.